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Padman Pillai

M.Sc., A.R.I.C., C.C.H.

Director, Wellness Hypnotherapy Clinic, Inc


Please enjoy the selection of various testimonials Padman has received during his career as a hypnotist in Edmonton.

Weight Reduction Miracle Using Hypnotherapy

Posted Oct 26th, 2015

Being obese is one of the biggest health challenges many people face to-day. However, I have a success story for you from one of my file photos. This gentleman (57 years old) a client of Wellness Hypnotherapy clinic in Edmonton, succeeded from HABIT HELL TO HEALTH HEAVEN.

On Mar-22-2015, he weighed 331 lbs. Waist= 154 cm.

On Oct-2-2015, he weighed 254lbs. Waist=120 cm!

He was successful in reducing 77 lbs and 34 cms from the waist in six months and 11 days. He is continuing to reduce weight and centimeters from his waist measurement every week. Many of his health problems are almost gone.


Posted Sept 6th, 2015

Dear Padman,

I have been feeling quite well and have had an opportunity to put to the test my recovery from the effects of life long Bruxism. I have been working under stressful circumstances for several weeks straight (12 hrs/day) and the teeth clenching has been relatively minor. I would say this creature of "Bruxism" is on its last leg and about to be totally extinguished from my life. I would like to book another appointment when I return to Edmonton and see you then. You are a truly extraordinary individual. I also mentioned that I would like to have you meet my daughter and have a session with here. I will do this as soon as the opportunity presents itself. I will let you know as soon as possible.

I would like to express how grateful and fortunate I am to have met you. The resolution of my stress and tension associated with teeth clenching and grinding (Bruxism) has been most remarkable to say the least. This malady has deep psychological implications associated with self-worth, self-esteem, and quality of life in general- would not have been resolved without your help! There have also been a number of very positive side effect responses to your treatment, such as, diminished motion sickness symptoms and an astounding increase in vitality and sense of being grounded. Padman, it is clear to me that you have at your command and unlimited access to a very high level of refined healing energy. This area of healing energy cultivation in self is something that I would highly encourage Reiki practitioners of all levels to consult with Mr. Padman Pillai on to better harmonize and strengthen their own healing energy capabilities. He is very well versed in powerful breathing meditation techniques, hypnotherapy, and the dynamics of the spiritual realm. I will continue sessions with Padman as the rewards of such amazing effects are very addictive. I will also have my children see him in the very near future.

I look forward to seeing you very soon.

Dan Diduck
Sept 1, 2015


Posted May 30th, 2015

Good afternoon Padman,

I wanted to let you know that I was able to fly with no problems. I did get sick but that was because of the up and down turbulence, but it wasn’t because of an anxiety attack. Now at least I know that I can fly without having this fear. Every time we had turbulence I grabbed my seat buckle, as programed in the hypnosis session and it helped me a lot. It is all a matter of how you look at it and I am truly grateful for your help.

On another note, after our last session I felt a huge weight lifted off of me and I can now look at grieving for my dog in a whole new light. I think of it like you told me and I don’t feel that sadness or guilt and I do believe that I will see her again.

We have since been able to add another puppy to our family as we have so much love to give and our other dog is playing and they are really happy.

I would be happy to write this review for your website. I know you asked me a while ago but now I have actually flown and I feel I can write something truthful and meaningful.

Thank you again and have a great weekend.
Take care.

Tracy Bennett, Accounting/H.R


Posted April 18th, 2015

When I first spoke to Padman, his compassion, concern, and genuine love for people was crystal clear. He is absolutely dedicated to being of service. It is a way of life for him and is expressed in all his words and actions. The environment that Padman has created for those of us fortunate to work with him in his clinic is truly welcoming and safe. It is filled with beauty and light and is a joy to walk into.

My life for the past while has felt very chaotic -- the sudden death of my husband, extreme feelings of vulnerability, a move across the country and back -- and many doubts about the life journey I am on. My first conversation with Padman left me with a strong feeling of connection -- not only to him as a healer, but to myself. And for the first time in quite a while, a feeling of hope. Padman has tremendous wisdom, and the insights he shared have already been a vital part of starting to put together (and appreciate) the puzzle of ME.

Padman is also highly skilled in both hypnotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) -- and, I am sure, many other processes that I have yet to experience. Over the last couple of years I have worked with both hypnotherapy and EFT -- but on my own or via the internet or telephone (because of where I was located). I do not have enough words to describe what a gift of complete support and encouragement Padman provides. The feeling that you are not alone, that someone is there and committed to helping you heal, makes all the difference in the world.

I look forward to continuing my journey with Padman and am confident that it will continue to be life-changing. I also want to thank his wife, Indira, for being a beautiful part of the atmosphere of warmth and kindness.

Anne Nield

Testimonial: Fourteen year old swimmer wins three medals

Posted July 5th, 2014


Fourteen year old swimmer wins three medals with the added help from Hypnotherapist PADMAN PILLAI. Mind is the reason for everything. With proper practice and help from coaches, including mental training one can achieve great successes. Sky is the limit!

Testimonial: "I am immensely grateful!"

Posted April 2014

Hi Indira and Padman,

Since early childhood, I have suffered with severe motion sickness which physicians have suggested was complicated by inner ear issues.  I have tried many over-the-counter and prescription drugs as well as alternative remedies for this problem.  On a recent cruise with Certified Hypnotherapists I was helped by Dr. Padman Pillai with this frustrating problem.  While seated at the dinner table, I had already taken something for the motion sickness and was getting progressively worse.  Dr. Pillai offered to help and began by asking what level of discomfort I was experiencing.  I replied a 10, and he began working on the problem.  Since I was so involved in “trying not to get sick” and trying to concentrate on what he was saying I can not explain what techniques he was using to help me.  After a few minutes, he again asked me what level of discomfort I was experiencing, and I replied an 8.  Since I was sitting in a position that was very noisy, Dr. Pillai had me move to the corner of the room where there were less distractions.  At this point, he hypnotized me, and continued to work on lowering my level of discomfort.  After a period of time, he used what seemed like many strategies that were easy to do while eventually reducing my level of discomfort from an 8 to a 1.  He continued working and talking to me throughout his treatment, and additionally explained that the motion sickness would eventually disappear and not return.  I should additionally add that throughout his treatment, the ship continued to “roll” as told to me by other cruisers.  All I can state unequivocally is, for the rest of the evening the motion sickness did not return, nor did it return on my return flight home.  I had to take another flight two days later and still had no problem.  On my return home from that trip, the weather was horrible and I still didn’t have any motion sickness.  For the first time since childhood, I am celebrating my newfound ability to travel without motion sickness thanks to being hypnotized by Dr. Pillai.


Thank you once again for your help and for the success of helping me with my motion sickness. I am immensely grateful! Also, I enjoyed getting to meet and sharing time with both of you.

In peace,
Marie R.

Please note that I am neither a medical practitioner nor a Ph.D. Marie was mistaken when she addressed me as Dr. Pillai. I am Mr. Pillai.

Testimonial: "Not had any further pain after Padman's treatment."

Posted March 2014

Three years ago I watched Padman Pillai help a woman by eliminating her back pain at the International Hypnosis Federation conference in San Pedro, CA. We were sitting at a dinner table for 8, and I was fortunate enough to be seated next to Padman. My first impression of Padman was that he had a wonderful and kind healing energy about him. As the evening progressed, it was apparent that one of the ladies at the table was in deep pain. When questioned, she said her back was really bothering her and she had been suffering from excruciating back pain for years. Padman asked her some questions about the pain, and, through his gift of healing, was able to eliminate her pain. When I talked to her the next morning, she said she had enjoyed her best night’s sleep in years and was completely pain-free. At the next year’s International Hypnosis Federation conference, she told me that she had not had any further pain after Padman’s treatment. Two years later when I saw her, she was still pain-free. I highly recommend and endorse Padman Pillai for his extraordinary talents in the Hypnotherapy field.

- Dr. Bunny Vreeland

Testimonial: "I have never felt more at peace "

Posted October 2013

Hello Padman,

Just wanted to update you as to how I am doing since we saw each other. Firstly I have to say that I have never felt more at peace and a virtual calmness inside. I no longer wake with panic and anxiety in the morning. Each night I do my visualizing before sleep and each morning I say my mantra of welcoming vibrant health to flow to my reality. My stomach is so quiet and calm and it doesn't alarm me anymore.

Testimonial: "I have never felt more at peace"

Posted October 2013

Hello Padman,

Just wanted to update you as to how I am doing since we saw each other. Firstly I have to say that I have never felt more at peace and a virtual calmness inside. I no longer wake with panic and anxiety in the morning. Each night I do my visualizing before sleep and each morning I say my mantra of welcoming vibrant health to flow to my reality. My stomach is so quiet and calm and it doesn't alarm me anymore.

I have never felt happier in my life, I honestly feel like I have started to live! I write in my gratitude journal every day and that too has been amazing, you were right it is changing my life. Even my clients say there is a glow about me and they see the positive change in me, so that I am grateful they see a change too. Positive out to the universe and positive comes back. I feel like I'm walking around with a secret of my happiness and calmness. I know everything we talked about and did will live forever in me and I couldn't be more appreciative to you Padman.

This is the best thing I have ever done for myself and I am so glad that I found you to help guide me through it all, it was meant to be.

Thank you a hundred times,
Cindy Funk

Testimonial: Still successfully quit (smoking)

Posted July 2013

Hi Padman!

My name is Billie! I received a treatment from you a year and half ago to quit smoking! I'm happy to tell you that I am still successfully quit. Even when you had your doubts. Lol. Which I'm sure was maybe part of the process.
Thanks again for your healing in putting that habit in my past.

Billie-Joe Wickhorst

Testimonial: "becoming a reality"

Posted May 2013

I recently attended Padman Pillai's presentation at the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association's annual conference at Daytona Beach, Florida on "Busting Loose from Money Problems". It was a very impressive and practical presentation. I have read so many books on prosperity, so I was very excited about this simplified guidance to living a more abundant life. I highly recommend working with Padman. He is very sincere and passionate about what he does. This truly was a profound experience for me and though I understood the premise, I now understand the action behind it. I really look forward to increasing my vibration with Gratitude and Love and helping my clients to do the same. I am going to actively do my gratitude list every day and stay focused on vibrating at a level that naturally attracts good, positive things into my life. I can already see the life that I dreamed of becoming a reality now, which I truly believe it is possible.

Leslie Hill
Hands On Healing
165 Elmhurst Ste C
Kyle, Texas 78640
512-796-6399 Cell/Office

Testimonial: "do something about it"

Posted March 2013

I thank you Padman for your guidance, assistance and direction. I should also add patience, not only his but by teaching me mine. For anyone reading this letter, let me share with you a short segment of my experience with my Padman.

It was the fall of 2010 that I had sleeked and found Padman. You can refer this segment of my life as “falling down and not knowing how to get up”. I have always been successful, assertive and self-employed in my life. I have lived with a positive attitude and only at that time in my life, I couldn’t find my positive self-esteem, my confidence; that was the hallmark of my character. Anything that could have gone wrong in business, family, relationships, friends, you name it, did go wrong. I was struggling to make my way back to being my old self.

Whatever I did, went wrong and in the midst of trying, frustration and stress as well as the feeling of utmost helplessness fell upon me.

I started to ask: What did I do in life to deserve this? I knew I needed help badly to “find my way” and I couldn't find anyone that understood what I was going through.

In my search for answers, I found an email from another business person that had written a book, I read a year earlier. I thought what a coincidence? In this email, he was dishing advise and eventually an on line course. What I got from his email was more valuable. He stated that in order for you to achieve, you must believe. That make sense.

He also stated that you can try to change your Psyche through a series of long hard-fought habit changes or you can obtain hypnotherapy to accelerate your belief and therefore change your life and its direction. I thought, why not, I’ve been hypnotised in the past but not to this degree. Instead of taking this course, I meditated on finding the right Hypnotherapist that could help me “get back up”.

Then I Googled Hypnotherapists in the Edmonton Area and zeroed in on this picture of a shaman looking man next to Wellness Hypnotherapy clinic. This was Padman Pillai.

An appointment was set. An interview was arranged. I think I was interviewing and qualifying Padman more than he was of me. The great thing was I never felt judged or my complaints to be belittled in anyway. I felt very comfortable with Padman as my guide and coach.

It was refreshing to learn that Padman’s life somewhat mirrored mine to a degree. That he had his shares of ups and downs. What impressed me the most was his level of understanding and wisdom.

At that time, it was beyond my comprehension or understanding. I felt that there was something there that I needed to know and experience. Let’s face it; anything was better than the stress, frustration and sheer self-imposed hell I was putting myself through.

If anything, I was ready and committed to doing things differently and to learn something new. My ultimate goal was to bring me back to where I wanted to be.

Over the course of the first year, and a series of meetings with Padman, I had to re-learn who I was and to re-define what I wanted. There are too many people that could tell you what you don’t want and fewer that could tell you what you really want. It was what I needed at that time in my life.

Was my journey easy? No.

Was it worth it? Yes.

Would I recommend it? Many times to a lot of people those are forced into life-changing times. You can either react to it or do something about it – your way.

Since my sessions with Padman, I can honestly share with you that life has gotten better. I don't stress. I have a greater awareness of my life and those around me. I have been able to accomplish much more than before and reach my goals with confidence.

Overall, my life has transformed because I wanted it to. My career, finances, relationship, health and happiness have all improved dramatically. I am a happier and more confident person.

I can share with all those that are reading this that you can either change the hard and long way or you can get on with life sooner. Trust Padman to guide you in the direction you want to go. It has always been up to you. Thank you for reading my letter and thank you to Padman, many times.

Ely Abboud


Posted March 2013

Mr. Pillai and I had a very wonderful session. I had never experienced the true power of hypnosis and I am so glad that I made the choice to persue the experience. Mr. Pillai is a very enlightened man - A true healer and hypnotist. I went to the stop smoking session Mr. Pillai taught and it gave me the hypnotic power to control such a bad and powerful addiction. I am happy to be in control. I am no longer a smoker now and forever. As we spoke I found Mr. Pillai to be such a great contributor, healer and humanitarian. A man of great benifit to heal our selves and our universe. Thank You Padman for the Blessings.. God Bless You

Sharon Truchan
Sierra Home HealthCare Services Inc. Owner


Posted March 2013

Thank you for that wonderful seminar in Edmonton yesterday. The bonus of your healing touched my family deeply as our friend Rita was able to stand without pain for the first time in 20 years. She also learned the value of hypnosis and cannot wait to start on the journey with me. Bless you.

Also, I want to thank you for being the only hypnotist (to my knowledge) to give back to the community to celebrate World Hypnotism Day.

God Bless You Padman
Heather Pannenbecker


Posted March 2013

Hi Padman, I just wanted to thank you again for the past life regression session. I haven't experienced any overwhelming anxiety since then, which feels great. I realized that just like how you feel you are making it all up when looking into past lives, I often feel that I am making it all up in this life. Which is ok. And that's where the anxiety and the feeling I needed to know what I was going to do next and have everything planned out and under my control stopped mattering and disappeared. It's a lesson I won't forget. So thank you again for your time, insight, and hospitality.

All the best,


Posted March 2013

Dr Padman Pillai has the hands of the God.

On the last day during IHF conference at San Pedro near LA, Dr Pillai had the last class as "Pillai's Meditation" from 5pm 4th March 2012. I wanted to learn and enjoy how to meditate in Dr Pillai's style and joined his class.

We were all three students and it was a small class. We were staying there after his class talking something, and suddenly Dr Pillai called me to come in the front of the room. He asked my permission to touch my body with his hands and asked "where do you have pain in your body?"

"I have low back pain." I answered. "How long have you had this pain?" he asked. "More than twenty years." I answered.

For a few decades, after I got symptoms of depression in my 20s (now I got complete remission from depression), polymyalgia-like symptoms have existed in my body, I noticed. But I had not consulted to the medical specialist, because it never disrupted my life and I was patient. Just I got tired so easily, I felt.

He placed his one hand on my back and his other hand on my stomach, like holding my body trunk.

And he started quick and strong breathing, I felt his energy was circulating around my painful area and I felt my pain was getting released gradually. He continued this breathing method for a couple of minutes and changed to more slow and calm breathing method for a couple of minutes. Then I felt my physical energy alignment was changing to the right position somehow. Dr Pillai asked me, "how is your pain?" I answered "I feel better but I still have a focal pain."

"Where do you have pain still?" he asked. So I answered and pointed with my finger to the right part of my low back. "I still feel pain here." He placed his fingers on my right back and stomach and repeated same two kinds of breathing methods again, but this time it was shorter than the first treatment.

"Do you have pain?" Dr Pillai asked again. "No pain anymore!!!" I shouted! I tried to move and rotate my legs and I did not feel any pain or restricted range of motion. I could and can move my legs fully & perfectly. I could not move legs enough before his treatment because of pain.

"Could you see my pain when I entered this room?" I asked to Dr Pillai. "Yes, I could see your pain." He answered.

Since I took his treatment, I don't have any pain on my back and I don't feel fatigue now. Every day I'm fresh, I feel.

I really appreciate his gift and I am very impressed by this coincidence. Thank you very much, Dr Padman Pillai.

Dr Yuka Okouchi, MD, MSc


Posted March 2013

Dear Padman

I have waited some days to send you my results so far, as I think the results are very good, but a bit complex.

Regarding the treatment for pain In my left ankle: I think that all these years (over 50!) following the injury, I have not applied weight on that leg comparable to when I put weight on my right leg. This has changed significantly - and it seems like some fear regarding this has been overcome. Also, walking up and down stairs is also changed for the better - I am placing my left foot on the stairs more like I do with the right foot now - although still with some consciousness about it - like I am learning to use stairs with my left foot all over again. There is still some pain which comes and goes throughout the day as I put weight on the left foot. I am hoping this is the result of soft tissues in the foot adjusting to the changes resulting from putting more weight on this foot. I thought to give this a few weeks, and then consult with you further if the pain persists.

You might recall that during the treatment I had to turn away at times to cough. Although I did not address the cough with you, I had acquired this cough since February of 2011 and it persisted all that time. I had taken 2 weeks off work to rest at one point, and had several acupuncture sessions. Finally, I resorted to a steroid puffer that my Western medicine doctor prescribed. This all helped to some extent, but the improvement was quite slow. My energy levels were quite low after having this cough for 11 months. Ever since I left my treatment session with you, the cough immediately was no longer so irritating, and it is now almost non-existent. My energy levels have improved greatly as well.

Which brings me to a strong heartfelt "thank you!" for your time and attention. The treatment was a wonderful experience - what comes to my mind is that the experience was a "mental spa" , and perhaps I am hoping I am not quite free of pain, so I can consult with you again! In any case, I hope I can return for treatment for enhancing my well-being.

With much gratitude for your help,
A. S.

Note: Some times some clients are reluctant to expose their names on the internet. Please note the name and consent, by this client, to publish this testimonial is on file. The full name is withheld as per the request of this client. Should you wish to contact this client directly, please contact Padman.


Posted March 2013

I would just like to say thank you so much in your treatment in aiding me to quit smoking! I have been quit since my visit with you and remain strong. My visit with you is a very memorable one and I hope to do some other visits with you in the future! Thank you again for helping me achieve a huge milestone in my life! My body and health appreciates it.

BJW, Alberta


Posted March 2013

Dear Padman,

Thank you, you made a difference. You made me remember something I couldn't seem to remember for myself, that everything is a thought. More than that, you had me face the decision about whether I wanted to keep that thought or let it go. Then you worked with the tensions in my body.

I've slept like a baby these last two nights. I have felt more relaxed, and physically stronger. Best of all, that space between myself and the thought is now opened up again. I can take some distance, thus seeing more clearly and responding more appropriately. Thank you so much dear friend.

Have a wonderful Christmas season, and love to you both once again.



Posted December 2011

Thank you Padman for suggesting the Trivedi Foundation. This is very interesting and from the information I read, it appears to me that what I am experiencing may be in part, a result of your association with Trivedi. I realize that the release from the sadness energy has increased my vitality, however, there is another energy I am experiencing that I have not the words to describe. I have an increased enthusiasm for life, self esteem is replacing self doubt and I can empathize without partaking of negative emotions. These are all goals I have not been able to reach before, sensed was possible, but felt out of reach. At times, it feels like I am being compelled out of the small self of fears, doubts and suspicions. The energy is gentle but strong and breathing deeply seems to help disperse it through out the body.

Grace Troye,


Posted April 2011

Sometimes you meet people that are just different. Padman is an inspiration to who ever he comes in contact with. I met Padman during very trying times in my life. Though he did not know anything about me he opened his house and took care of a stranger. I am in this world alive because of Padman and Indira. The positive influence on my soul and body through the positive talk and action were the key. He is a great Hypnotherapist one that can make you realize your own healing power.

Padman is a person that can change your life (I am living example of this)

Mukesh Bhatt, Seattle


Posted April 2011

Dear Padman, I want to thank you again for the wonderful HEALING you assisted me with at the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association's annual meeting in May, 2010. I thank GOD everyday for you and pray that your work continue to be blessed more with each person you work with. I have not had the HIP PAIN which had given me much discomfort for years, since our session. Because I feel so much better I have an appointment with a sports medicine physician to help me set up an exercise program that will strength my legs and back. With the pain that was not possible.

Also you worked on my blood pressure. I eased myself of 3 medications I was on and my blood pressure remained normal. Unfortunately my heart rhythm went to over 160. I did not realize that one of the medications controlled that. My doctor put me back on that BP medication until I can work with my Cardiologist to see how to get off it.

Your gifts are truly blessing to the world and I am thankful that you give them so freely.

I hope you and your family enjoy the parcel of Texas Pecans enclosed with this letter. Please feel free to share my success story with anyone you find it useful.

Love and Blessings,
Signed: Diane Pope R.N

P.S. This poem reminds me of you.

BY. SHAY St. John

The gift I would, if I could, give it to you to-day
Is to have your truly know, inside yourself how gifted you are
How blessed you are, with that spirit and power of the living GOD.
It flows mightily in you, through you and as you.
It goes forth; GOD only knows what wondrous directions
It will take to bless not only your life, but the life of many others on this planet.


Posted April 2011

Padman Pillai is one of the most dedicated people that I know, who will give his all to whatever task he applies himself to. He is the one you go to when you have a new idea to pitch or you need a fresh look at an old one or need some solution. His knowledge of meditation and spiritual matters are profound. If I had to choose a person to be my meditation instructor or perform hypnosis on me, I will have no hesitation to choose him from everybody else out there!

Jani Nayar
St.Teresa's College, Ernakulam


Posted April 2011

" Padman's life experience is a living example of the power of the possible. His authentic nature and genuine care are evident from the moment you meet him. Overcoming a life threatening condition more than 20 years ago, Padman is well versed in helping others overcome their challenges and perceived limitations. He evokes trust offers a solid foundation and he offers his hard won insights in a very generous and approachable manner."

Quote: "Choose to be in close proximity to people who are empowering, who appeal to your sense of connection to intention, who see the greatness in you, who feel connected to God, who live a life that gives evidence that spirit has found celebration through them." - Wayne Dyer

Peggy Cartwright


Posted April 2011

I found the course on Meditation extremely enlightening. The ability to look inside and techniques to do this was great- something I will take with me to help me improve myself and my spirit.

Trev Wallewein


Posted April 2011

Forgiveness: Very thought provoking and sensitive talk. Well presented by the instructor and enjoyed the very pleasant interaction with the instructor.

Nicole Beaudoin


Posted April 2011

I chose Padman as a business coach after meeting him at a networking function.

Without doubt, after one session with him, I was changing the way I viewed my business. I changed my thoughts and actions to bring about what I wanted for me. By the third session I had noticed a tremendous change in my business productivity.

On a personal health level Padman's sessions helped me to focus on changes that were needed to be a healthier and fit individual. I would always leave a session feeling energized.

Now that I am moving I will certainly miss his sessions.

Debbie Baier


Posted April 2011

Once again the hypnotherapy course was great. The mind is just such an amazing area of study. I am slowly getting some hypnotherapy sessions done with friends............

I have been doing several sessions on past life. It is absolutely the most fascinating area of hypnotherapy. In one of the session with my client she was a mandarin warrior in northern china getting ready to go off to battle and her mother would not stop nagging her. When asking her how she felt at that moment she expressed that she was angry because " she" (his mother ) would not shut up. When asked of the language she said it was an early mandarin dialect. In the interview of feedback after she said that if I would have asked her to repeat what the mother was saying, she could have repeated it word for word in the ancient language. Absolutely fascinating , we have gone to 6 of her past lives just to establish the life later we will delve more in depth to each life. I am also going to do some pain relief and weight loss for friends.

I Look forward to hearing from you, thank you again.


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