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Padman Pillai

M.Sc., A.R.I.C., C.C.H.

Director, Wellness Hypnotherapy Clinic, Inc

What is Unexplained Infertility?

Posted March, 2013

Dr. Kaylen M. Silverberg has explained it this way:

“Unexplained Infertility is the inability to conceive or carry a
Pregnancy, following one year of unprotected intercourse, when
the infertility evaluation is completely negative”

After medical examinations of both yourself and your partner, as well as many exploratory tests (such as X-rays, ultra sound, colposcopy, and analysis of blood, semen etc.), your physician has been unable to pin point a positive reason for your infertility.

It may be possible that the infertility has been caused by stress, anxiety, worry and or toxins that have been ingested into either your own or your partner’s body. For example, stress may interfere with a woman’s ability to ovulate, form healthy eggs as well as interfere with the egg’s ability to travel to a suitable position for fertilization. (1) Stress also may alter the vaginal pH levels, which can create an interference with the sperm’s motility and potential survival. Stress hormones produced during anxiety, have deleterious effects on conception. In such cases Clinical Hypnotherapy may be useful as an invaluable tool in addition to medical intervention.

The Hidden Factors That May Kill Off A Woman’s Ability To Conceive

If you are experiencing an inability to conceive, you may be affected by one or more of these factors. (2)

Excessive anxiety and stress
A build up of toxins in your body (resulting from various pollutants; caffeine, alcohol, mercury, heavy metals, nicotine etc.). In our modern day society, we all face an army of chemical intruders 24 hours a day. In fact, it could be said that we live in a sewer.
A deficiency of essential nutrients
A breakdown in the immune system of either yourself or your partner
A reduction of sex and growth hormones

However, if you and your partner are able to:

You may find yourself bursting with energy, and begin to experience a healthy sex drive, as well as an increased ability to conceive.

According to a 2004 study (by researchers at Israel’s Soroka University medical center), 60 % of women, undergoing in-vitro fertilization, became pregnant after hypnosis. This is in comparison to 30% of women, who did not undergo hypnosis in the control group. The results were astounding! Doctors and researchers who conducted this study, believe that these results were a direct result of the woman’s bodies (particularly their uterus), being more relaxed; thus allowing for an easier and successful implantation of the embryo.

Emotions and stress may possibly contribute to unexplained infertility, said Dr. Alan DeCherney, a reproductive endocrinologist and professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center (3). He said that although the trend in mainstream fertility treatments focused more on high –tech procedures and less on patients emotions and stress, he said he would support a patient’s decision to use hypnotherapy as a complimentary option.


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Testimonials Hypnotherapy FAQ Stage Comedy Hypnosis Corporate Training News Archive

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